Do you love your life?

Justice Wizards Tarot - Daily Draw

Last night I watched the last episode of the TV series Afterlife. One of the main characters who was dying from a brain tumour had written the following words in a book that was to be published posthumously:

“I don’t what this is all about but I love my life and maybe that is all the meaning there is.” (not verbatim)

In this morning’s Tarot draw, I saw the scales of Justice where the goodess MAAT weighs our hearts against a feather and this symbolic act made perfect sense to me.

Until we love our own lives completely, we accept from others the love we think we deserve and all along life’s journey we keep making minor adjustments to our scales.

Until we love our lives completely, we keep accumulating karma. Karma is what weighs us down.

The irony is that once our great work is complete and the love completely unconditional, letting go becomes easy… our hearts are finally light as feathers.

Because we know that love is all there is.

Image credit: Justice from the Wizards Tarot.

Quote by Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)



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