How Can You Stay Connected to the Mystery?

2 October 2014 Ace of Wands DruidCraft Tarot

“At the heart of the impulse to tell stories is a mystery so profound.”
― Dennis Covington

The Ace of Wands is known as the Root of the Powers of Fire in occult circles. The question is ‘What does this root draw up from the fertile soil of Chaos?’

The answer is ‘The Divine impulse to create and procreate.’

This impulse is a seed that needs to be nourished and if nourished it will transform us in the process of creation. The more we create, the more God-like we become. We surrender to the flow of that impulse… a wave of creation that has its source in Source itself… and it moves through us, rearranging our desire and sometimes our very DNA.

This is raw, unlimited power. Power that that the earthly powers that be want to have control over in its citizens. That is why we experience things like censorship and the Church trying to control our procreation. This power, once you allow it to unfold and take you on a journey, will take you back to your God-Self.

10 of Wands DruidCraft Tarot


If we look at how this energy progresses through the suit of Wands, we realise that there is a lot of resistance to Fire on the Earth Plane. The high vibration of Fire crashes and burns so easily due to the heaviness and lethargy of Earth / 3D / Malkuth. Toward the end of the creative journey, we often feel like the man carrying those 10 Wands… oppressed, burned out… and yet, if we push through, the rewards are so rich that we immediately want to open up to another Ace of Wands experience.



What seeds of creation are you currently nurturing? How is the process transforming you?





Deck used: The DruidCraft Tarot (cropped)


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