Can You Handle Reality?


Few people have the imagination for reality… but the King of Swords does!

Kings are a sign of mastery and the realm of Swords/Air concerns the intellect. Once you have mastered your thought processes, you are able to detach from them and understand not only why you like certain things and not others but also that you can start making different choices.

You can even decide to start liking something that you previously disliked. This is the kind of mental freedom that makes it possible to not just cope with reality as it IS but to thoroughly enjoy it.

Astrologically, this King corresponds with Mutable Air/Gemini.

On the plus side, he is super smart and able to quickly make the right important decision for the Highest Good.

On the other hand, he can be a bit emotionally aloof and not your best choice if you are looking for a partner or friend who enjoys emotional intimacy.

The King of Swords from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm (UK Amazon affiliate link) is handsome but he doesn’t look terribly happy. I’m guessing he is right in the middle solving a puzzle of some kind. That’s how he views the world… It’s like one big jigsaw… and there is always a solution!


Lisa Frideborg



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