Are You Still Here?


You know all those signs and messages you have been getting lately? Here’s one more… Because you are insisting on clinging to the past. Stop it already, OK?

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”
~  CSLewis

Just because you can’t imagine them yet doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Just hold on to the promise and work on raising your vibration by exchanging looping negative thoughts that want to keep you stuck in the past with setting firm intent for positive transformation and using affirmations to get you to where you want to be.

Your mind is a monkey but monkeys can be trained.

And guess what, part of your responsibility as an adult is to train your own mind. There isn’t anybody else out there who is going to do it for you. Sure, there is help to be had along the way but the buck truly does stop with you.

Want a brighter future? Think brighter thoughts.

Want a happier relationship? Learn that happiness is an inside job.

Think dating is tough and fraught with danger? It will be unless you decide to make it fun.

Sick and tired of your old job? Believe in yourself and your own future enough to manifest a new one that allows you to serve joyfully.

Can’t seem to find your soul tribe? Stop telling yourself that you always fail when it comes to manifesting friendships and start to joyfully attract your soul tribe members. Let’s face it, they won’t come in on a negative vibe.

There are lots of things you can walk away from but the most important thing to leave behind permanently is your own negativity. That motherfucker is like a ball and chain and it will keep you stuck unless you make the conscious effort of freeing yourself.

One way of telling your mind that you are ready to move on, so that all levels of your mind (including your negative mind which has a life of its own) understand that you truly are ready to level up is to take a new name for yourself.

What name will you take to show the world and your monkey that you are done with monkey business?

Lisa Frideborg

Today’s quote was tarotized with a bit of help from the Tarot Decoratif by Ciro Marchetti.



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