Hang on a minute!


I know, you’re ready and raring to go. You know what you want (or you think you do) and you are determined to go after it… but wait! Are you sure you are going about it the right way?

Maybe those blocks, delays and obstacles on your path are there for a reason and perhaps the reason is so that you can hit ‘pause’ and gain a new perspective on how to best manifest your dreams and desires?

What if you are looking at things, people and circumstance in a way that isn’t serving you or the Highest Good of All…? What if you could surrender your current perspective, suspend belief and allow a new way of looking at the world around you to reveal itself…?


…perhaps you are saving something for later when things are perfectly in place so that you that you can finally go ahead? That course you want to sign up for… the video series you have an idea for… the book you want to write… the relationship you want to leave… the adventure you want to go on…

What if the only thing that is holding you back is your decision to sit on the fence indefinitely instead of taking a risk. And maybe the thing you need to surrender is the excuse that the timing or the circumstances aren’t right?

Whatever challenge or obstacle or delay you are facing now, face it upside down. Take an asana that places the top of your head on the floor. Breathe calmly and ask for a new perspective. Prepare yourself to surrender anything that you may be required to let go of, including your excuses. Breathe… and then surrender some more.

“To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.”
― Stephen R. Covey


So much love!

Lisa xo

Today’s tarotized quote is inspired by the Dalí Tarot (UK Amazon affiliate link)



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