Look After Your Dog!


Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.
~ Stephen Richards

Projections and illusions are big themes with The Moon card. In the image below you see the crab (repressed emotional material) crawling out of the water. Guarding the lunar globe, we see two dogs. 

On the left, we have the trained dog of the self-reflective mind and on the right we have the howling, mad wild dog (or wolf) of  the subconscious, emotionally reactive mind.

We need to contemplate what we feed the wild dog because thoughts become emotions and our emotions become our reality. Thoughts either become emotions that we are able to accept or they become emotions that wield powerful influence below the surface of our conscious mind.

When the latter happens, these thoughts stir at the most inopportune times and result in self-destructive habits and health problems, as well as projections.

The only cure for a reactive way of handling reality, where nothing is real and everything is projection of our fear, is to learn to become the Observer. This means a need for both contemplation and meditation.

In meditation, we learn to transcend our thoughts so that we no longer identify with them. We are then able to quickly notice, accept and release any negative thoughts.

In contemplation we use the trained dog to communicate with the wild dog. There is an internal dialogue going on, which allows for deep healing of repressed emotions. However, this dialogue is only possible once you have made your mind your friend and ally.

If you busy your conscious mind and feed it junk all day long, you will find that the conscious mind is not going to co-operate when it comes to diving deep into your psyche. It’s not its fault – you simply haven’t made enough choices to equip it to handle the wild dog.

If your mind diet consists of being hooked up to social media 24/7, worrying about how many likes you get, or if you feel a need to numb your mind by feeding it gossip, reality shows and soap operas, you are starving your trained dog and it will soon forget what its even for…

When the trained dog is not nourished, the wild dog is in charge and your life will soon spiral out of control, making you feel more and more powerless… more and more the victim of your circumstance.

Six things you can do today to help your trained dog stay in tip-top shape:

  • Don’t default to using any free time you have to mindlessly browse social media, watch the news or ‘reality’ TV
  • Set yourself daily goals and intentions
  • Observe your thoughts and feelings by keeping a journal
  • Start a meditation practice
  • Look after your physical body with a healthy diet and exercise so that your brain can function optimally
  • Develop an attitude of acceptance and gratitude

When the Tarot Moon card is our friend, it helps us release repressed emotional material. It’s a sign that we have a well-trained and well-fed dog to help us cope with whatever life throws at us.

When the Tarot Moon card shows up and our spontaneous reaction is a sense of discomfort, it’s a sign that the wild dog is running the show. The good news is, you get to choose who is in charge, and with a loyal dog by your side, there isn’t anything you can’t achieve!

So much love!

Lisa Frideborg (click link to order a reading or book a healing session)

Today’s tarotized quote was inspired by The Moon from the Gilded Tarot Royale by Ciro Marchetti


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