The Law of Return


During my long years of occult and metaphysical studies, I have been fortunate enough to be mostly surrounded by people who believe in the Three-fold Law. This represents a belief in karmic repercussions for everything we do x 3. If you do good, it will return to you in multiples of the same. Equally for the bad you do.

This is a healthy law to abide by because it’s common sense. If people could see with their physical eyes just how connected we are to each other, it would (hopefully) make instant sense to everyone.

Sadly, I have also come across people who do not believe in this Law. These are the people who are part of the problem rather than the solution… and the really sad part is that they are not even aware of it because they buy into the illusion of separation to such a high degree that they a) think they can get away with it and b) don’t see the global damage they do.

Some of these people don’t even practise magic consciously. Instead they unconsciously support factory farming with the buying power and curse their neighbours by spreading gossip about them, just to name a couple of examples of the things that sleeping humans do.

Every thing you do, deliciously divine being that you are, is an act of magic. Every thought you think and every word you speak impacts every other living being. All your acts are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

The Tarot Magician reminds us of this power. He can be either a practitioner of the Dark Arts, serving only his ego… or he can be a Servant of the Light.

The difference is made up of two components: a) setting the intent to serve the Light and b) disciplining the mind enough to be ABLE to serve the light.

Which side are you on… and when will you start your regular meditation practice?


Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg (click the link to order a reading or book a healing session)


Today’s tarotized quote was inspired by The Magician from the beautiful Gilded Tarot Royale by Ciro Marchetti.


One comment

  1. Glory Dey · August 2

    I love this post on the Law Of Return, very profound wisdom we must be always aware as this acts as a guide to all our thoughts & actions. I agree with the point of certain people who indulge in all sorts of negative behavior thinking they can get away with it. Some of these people don’t honestly care for others and are very selfish & greedy. Sadly I personally have experienced such nasty people in my own life, had some bitter experiences but one thing is clear sooner or later they get their punishment. The Universe always does justice, Laws of Karma balances out. I have seen many such conceited souls being disciplined & humbled in life and death. Often the people we trust are the ones who betray. My personal principle is that we must be true to ourselves and God and walk the right path. Regular spiritual practice is essential for our empowerment so that we remain strong and continue with our divine mission and are protected from the evil forces of the world! Thank you for your wisdom words, God Bless, Love & Peace, Amen!

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