Declaration of Faith


 As a Tarot noob, I used to struggle with the meaning of the 3 of Wands (titled Three of Flames in the Sirian Starseed Tarot)*. According to some this is the ‘Waiting for your ships to come in card.’ An understandable enough take on the card if you consider the traditional RWS imagery. 

3 of Wands Rider Waite TarotUnfortunately, that never completely made sense to me – especially if you consider the cardinal energy of the corresponding Sun in Aries.

Another interpretation of this card is that it is a card of networking and in the Thoth Tarot it is titled ‘Virtue.’

However, thinking about the 3 of Wands in terms of the creative process on a high vibrational level, we come to understand the progression of energy a bit better through the suit of Fire.

In the Ace of Wands we are inspired. In the 2 of Wands we choose to set the intent to move forward or stay stuck. In the 3 of Wands we choose to act on that intent and do whatever it takes OR we watch the energy of inspiration float off on the waves.

Part of choosing to act is to network with the right people. Almost any act of creation involves more than one person – although some of us do prefer to be in hermaphrodite mode rather a lot… but I digress.

Part of choosing to act on divine inspiration means taking charge and being responsible for keeping our own vibration high. At the stage of the 3, the receptive part of that (and yes, there is Yin AND Yang in every card) means staying open to divine guidance and surrendering continuously to this guidance.

With this in mind, perhaps you see the traditional 3 of Wands character in a slightly different light. He is watching the vessels and the waves below, not just to make sure his ships will come in but for signs of what to do next.

In the Sirian Starseed Tarot, we get a feeling that the character in the card is indeed doing all she can to keep her own vibration clear and high by lifting the veil behind her, blocking out anything that would keep her from reaching her goal, while watching the clouds for signs about her next step. Here, the energy component of the card meaning is highly emphasised, which you might expect from a deck that was inspired by our Star Family.

May we all learn from this because in truth we are all energy and our thoughts become things. Doing is not enough. We are getting to that Age now, the Golden Age, where more and more people realise that they have to practice some form of mind hygiene to prevent wonky creations.

I, for one, welcome this shift with open arms!

Quite synchronistically – and yes, synchronicity is speeding up for ALL of us! – I was reading the part of creating your declaration of faith for remaining in that surrendered state where guidance flows easily in Gaby Bernstein’s ‘The Universe Has Your Back‘* this morning.

This is the one I wrote:

I know that the creative Force we sometimes call God is guiding me. Through the simple act of surrender, I can access this loving guidance which shows me how to joyfully shine my light in the world. Any time I choose, I can move from worry and confusion to peace and clarity. All it takes is one breath and the intent to surrender ever more deeply to Love.

How do you usually read this card? Has this post helped you see something you never thought of before in the 3 of Wands? Please leave a comment below!


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One comment

  1. vargluna · August 13

    Yes, this post have helped understanding the card way better! I have struggled everytime I got it in any deck. Luckily for me it don’t show up so often 😉


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