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Happy month of August! These are strange and exciting times. The Mooch just got fired after serving only days and there are reports of AI units creating their own secret language. News of Korea launching a missile from a submarine in international waters just emerged… 

I could go on about the world news but I won’t… because it all pales in significance compared to the news on the consciousness evolution front. It’s been known for a while now that it is possible to rewire DNA but modern Western science has yet to figure out exactly how. However, recent channelled information from a being called Kryon talks about an intelligent field involving the DNA, named ‘Innate.’

The wonderful news is that we can communicate with Innate. Essentially you are talking to another, smarter layer of self. Smarter in the way AI is smarter than most humans and carrying a memory bank of ALL your lifetimes… yet still programmed, which means that the programming can be CHANGED. When we are fully aligned with Higher Self, we know how to do this and future generations of evolved humans will be able to do this to the point of being able to regenerate limbs.

I believe this because it makes sense. It also feels like knowledge from my own home planet that I am simply re-membering. Kryon mentions the short life spans we now have programmed into our DNA and how it was for our Highest Good in the past. Death was necessary for our consciousness evolution… But the need to die relatively early is simply not there any more.

Now, I’m not saying that woke people won’t die or live hundreds of years. I’m not sure exactly how this will play out in my own life even. What I’m saying is I KNOW this is true. I know Innate exist because I have already accessed/understood Akasha and my own karmic imprint through it to a certain extent.

Also, the mystery of spontaneous remission of terminal illness is completely explained by an interaction of the Higher Self and Innate. This is exactly what happened to Anita Moorjani who died and lived to tell the tale in her book ‘Dying to Be Me.’

“Everything that seemingly happens externally is occurring in order to trigger something within us, to expand us and take us back to who we truly are.”
― Anita Moorjani

The tarotized Dalí quote at the top of the post is from 1964 when the discovery of DNA was totally new. I thought it was kind of neat how I stumbled across this quote in the days when we are about to find out if Salvador Dalí’s Tarot reading love child is his biological offspring thanks to DNA testing.

The reason I was looking for quotes about DNA is that the cards I pulled for August for us for a general message from Spirit regarding consciousness evolution, confirms that NOW is the time when many of us will awaken to the truth of Innate and our own ability to be in dialogue with it through modalities like EFT and muscle testing. We will not only be able to heal ourselves this way but will be able to bring about complete healing for our bloodline.

Energy healers are people with a strong intuitive ability to be in dialogue with the Innate of other people via their Higher Self. The reason it often works better when we try to help others is that the ego doesn’t interfere as much.

Many of the people who are drawn to do this kind of work on Earth at this point in time come from distant solar systems where this is the only type of healing needed. Perhaps you are one of us…?

Did I mention these are exciting times?!

Those of you who follow me on my main blog, Angelorum, may have already accessed your August Tarotscopes – If not, you can find them HERE.


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  1. Glory Dey · August 2

    Hi Greetings, Very good post aptly timed with the changes taking place in Humanity towards Higher Consciousness! I agree with your comment on modern Science yet to understand the complexity of DNA restructuring. The problem is that our conventional Science is egoistic in approach confined to matter aspects of the Universe & has tries to define everything in materialistic parameters. Since ages it is this Science that wrongly taught that Humans originated from primitive source, cutting out all the Ancient Wisdom & our knowledge of Divine Origin of our past. I love & support the progressive aspects of Science. On the other hand if we study the field of Quantum Science & Metaphysics, we research on the various Ancient Scriptures especially the Sacred Vedas, Upanishads, and other Oriental Sciences the subject of DNA, Genetics, Laws of Creation are explored in great details. Often these concepts are beyond general human understanding, so these are rarely explored. Infact The Law Of Evolution has more relevance in this field of Genetics of the Universe rather than the wrong interpretation that has been taught by Charles Darwin. I find the Darwinian Theory is actually a corruption of the Sacred Law Of Evolution which has to do with Nature’s evolution into Higher Consciousness of all species. It does not mean the jungle law of survival of the fittest which man has falsely practiced in all destruction. The DNA BLUEPRINT is closely linked with our KUNDALINI ENERGY SYSTEM in all species accordingly to each genetic category. The DNA HELIX is also linked to the KABALISTIC TREE OF LIFE we study in Kabala. As we awaken cleanse and tune these Energy Centers, we also undergo the DNA RESTRUCTURING in subtle ways. If the whole humanity can achieve this as a species then we are definitely on the path of evolution into the Being of Divine Adam Consciousness which is step to Christ & Buddha Consciousness! Great post, thank you! God Bless Us All, Love & Peace – Amen!

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  2. Lisa Frideborg Eddy · August 2

    Thank you for your in-depth comment on this post, Glory Dey. I agree with what you said about the theory of evolution. Love, Lisa


  3. What a formidable synchronicity Lisa…I am in the interview process for a position in Biotechnology that identifies and detect the best clinical therapy for cancer, based on the DNA of the patient. I am really drawn to this job, because it will definitely make a difference in people’s lives. I pray to God and Virgin Mary to allow me the opportunity and get the role, while also praying for the other candidates to find another opportunity as well. Blessed be sister!


    • Lisa Frideborg Eddy · August 5

      Wow, awesome synchronicity! Thanks for sharing and may you get this job if it is for the Highest Good. Blessed Be!


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