Turning Mud into Gold


“If you have strength of character, you can use that as fuel to not only be a survivor but to transcend simply being a survivor, use an internal alchemy to turn something rotten and horrible into gold.”
― Zeena Schreck

My story reads differently to what you might expect if you meet me where I’m at in my life now. Age 47, I’m happily married and enjoying a career I love. I live in a beautiful part of the country and find myself surrounded by loving family members. Best of all, I’m finally starting to feel safe… You see, I come from a broken home and a childhood that contained elements of abandonment, as well as both physical and psychological abuse.

I, like so many others, am proof that we do not have to BE the story of our lives.

The fact that I emerged relatively OK is not something I would contribute exclusively to strength of character. I believe in surrendering to grace. Grace is what fills the two cups in the Temperance card.

But yes, I’m the one who has to patiently stand there and hold the cups until I get the mix just right. I also had to choose to engage in this sacred work in the first instance.

Many choose the easy way out and I would lie if I said there weren’t times when I wanted to do that too. There were many times when I used alcohol to check out and go on a break from my own soul alchemy work.

I was dangerously close to circling the drain a few times in my life and usually it started to spiral out of control when I chose the company of people who simply had no interest in doing the Work. Please note that I do not blame those other people – I’m merely observing how poor choices in life lead to more of the same…

I look back on those times with forgiveness and compassion now. It’s much easier to forgive myself after I completely forgave my parents. I know they did their best and I too did my best – only, I forgot to look toward Heaven and ask for grace sometimes.

Grace is a funny thing. It’s free and we can’t do anything to deserve it… but at the same time we have to be disciplined to surrender and receive it.

Without grace, fueled only by willpower, our healing process turns us into rigid and judgemental people. Without forgiveness and the release of bitterness – a process which relies on divine grace and mercy – we do not become better people for the hardships we have suffered.

The process of soul alchemy never ends, so make sure to surround yourself with people who support the Work. We all have these important choices to make and it all begins by deciding that we are not going to BE our story but instead reach for our divine potential.

In the Temperance card, we learn to develop a vision for how we want our future to unfold, so that we can begin blending the Elements at our disposal in just the right proportions for turning the mud of our life story into divine light to shine the way for others as well as ourselves…

May we all feel inspired to make the right choices today!


Lisa Frideborg (click link to book a reading or healing session)

Today’s tarotized quote + musings is inspired by the Thelema Tarot Temperance card.



  1. Glory Dey · August 3

    Hi Lisa Blessings to you, your story is inspiring to many, many of us have had difficult situations in life, my family too had its share of problems & tragedies, infact my family is no longer there so I have learnt to live life independently. My parents faced many hardships to achieve success in life, we had many family dysfunctional problems, but also had many good positive wonderful aspects too, I am grateful for all these experiences for I believe they were part of our karmic journey on Earth. The only regret I have is that in spite of all the struggles my family faced at various stages, my parents had to suffer serious illnesses in old age. But I am blessed that God gave me opportunity to take care of them until their last breath. My personal life didn’t matter for their sake. The only deep sadness I have that I lost my only sister at young age, she died at 32 yrs leaving her children & husband. Sometimes I feel anger with God, but also understand it is her karmic destiny which she had to undergo. You speak of divine grace, we all need God’s blessings to understand these complexities. I There are many souls who face tremendous sufferings for their own destiny purpose. May the Universe guide us to make the right choices in life. Often when we make positive choices we face many obstacles to distract us from life purpose. At these times we need God’s grace & guidance to remain true to our convictions. I thank the Universe for giving me strength to stand firm on my mission despite opposition from others be it family or friends. Your words have reaffirmed my faith in the Divine, I have found forgiveness, in fact I only feel my family’s love & blessings always around guiding me in life. Thank you for sharing, God bless you!

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  2. Lisa Frideborg Eddy · August 3

    “At these times we need God’s grace & guidance to remain true to our convictions.” So true.


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