Say Goodbye to the Old You


“I saw my earlier selves as different people, acquaintances I had outgrown. I wondered how I could ever have been some of them.”
― Roger Zelazny

The card for today’s tarotized quote happens to be the card corresponding with Monday’s second decan Full Moon in Aquarius. This lunation also brings a lunar eclipse – a good time for a complete emotional reboot and letting go of the past, in other words.

The Aquarian energy of this Full Moon lunar eclipse is an invitation to release anything that keeps us isolated or blocked from feeling fully apart of humanity as individuals who have something valuable to contribute to the whole.

Those times in the past when we felt shame in group situations or as if we somehow didn’t fit in… All those painful memories that held us back from reaching out and taking part in meaningful group efforts can now be released.

If you have been bullied or been a bully or both… Release and forgive.

If you brought a new idea to a group who weren’t ready to handle it and got wronged for speaking up… Release and forgive.

If you spent your days scouring the Internet for sensational news and gossip about celebrities… Release and forgive.

If you tried and failed to stop something from happening because the group you were fighting was more powerful than the group you were part of… Release and forgive.

Do not let fear and bitterness win. Start over with a clean slate and let go of the outdated models of yourself. You can even ceremonially say goodby to them on Monday night. They are worthy of love and compassion too, of course, but they have served their purpose and you are ready to be the truest, most powerful version of Self now.

The Archangelic rulers of the 6 of Swords are Raphael (Mercury) and Uriel (Aquarius). You can call on Archangel Raphael for help with healing past pain and archangel Uriel for inspiration and innovation to reinvent yourself.

Archangel Raphael is also the Patron of Travellers. In the 6 of Swords, we see a mother and child on a journey, presumably moving away from a troubled time toward a brighter future.

The destination of any journey depends on the intent. Where are you heading now? What is in your boat with you? Will what you carry with you help you reach your destination? Who are you longing to be? What sort of people do you see your future self surrounded by?

And… perhaps most importantly… How can you make sure you enjoy the rest of the journey?

This weekend is a good time to take stock of what you need to release.


Lisa Frideborg (Click link to order a reading or book a healing session)

The card that inspired today’s musings is from the Centennial PCS Tarot deck.




  1. Glory Dey · August 4

    Hello Lisa Greetings, your post is the positive inspiration I needed at this time in life, God has spoken through you. I have undergone major positive transformation in life at all levels, I am being reborn in many ways. Because of these wonderful changes many of my old habits & relations have fallen by the wayside which is good. But sometimes I feel bad that I am shutting out some relations that are not upto high spiritual level as these souls are not interested in developing themselves and persist in living in all kinds dogmas, falsehood and I cannot compromise on my principles. The problem is many of these people we need to associate as neighbors, colleagues etc.. I try to keep formal courtesy but can’t accept them into my heart. Sometimes I feel guilty as to whether I am being egoistic by being aloof, but your advice is telling me that I am doing the right thing to walk on the positive path for my higher life purpose. It is strange synchronicity that your card of Three Of Swords is clear indication as I am about to undertake a major journey in life both physically & spiritually towards fulfilling my destiny. It is clearly telling me to cast all doubts & fears and be ready for this new change towards love & happiness. God has shown me the light through you, thank you very much. Take care, God Bless You. Love & Peace!

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  2. Lisa Frideborg Eddy · August 4

    It is actually not keeping people in our heart that is the problem – It is associating with them and LIVING like them. We are commanded to love everyone. Nobody is better than anybody else… We’re just at different stations of the journey and therefore need a certain type of travel companion who understands our ultimate destination. Blessings, Lisa


  3. Glory Dey · August 4

    Hi, by mistake I mentioned Three of Swords instead of Six of Swords Card, which is indicative of your message for us to take stock of our life & ensure that we carry all that is good and positive within us and with us in the world. Beautiful message, I will keep this in mind. Cheers!


  4. Glory Dey · August 5

    Hi I agree with you, what I really meant is that I don’t hate them but can’t live like them. Some of them have betrayed my trust & generosity. Neverthless I am finding ways to forgive them & move on. In fact when situation arises I do help if they need anything without any prejudice. I have tried awakening them to their inner light wisdom, but as you know most souls prefer to live in material greed illusion & continue with all kinds of false activities and try to influence us with negative energy. It becomes tough but with God’s help I am constantly protecting myself from these influences & continue with my life purpose. Blessings to you too! Regards..


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