You Can’t Fake Passion


Many of the Tarot readings I do are about romantic relationships. I feel that the title of this post which is a quote by Barbara Corcoran is a truth that if only my clients would understand it, my workload would be cut in half – and I would be fine with that because it would make room for healthier questions to read on than ‘Does he love me?’ or ‘Will he come back?’

The ego-mind is proud and loves to invent excuses for the blatant disregard our current squeeze has for us and our personal boundaries. It will tell you that sex equals passion. It will tell you that he is not lying about being busy at work as the real reason for why he’s not texting as much any more. It will even tell you that (gasp!) you’ll be able to change him… even though you laugh when you hear others say the same thing about their love interest because you know how utterly ridiculous and even insane this statement is.

That’s ego mind for you – totally bonkers!

If he is passionate about you, you will know. You won’t need a reading on it. It really is that simple.

And if you are passionate, truly passionate about your work, you will be able to persevere, no matter how taxing or tedious the work gets. Which reminds me…

About that book (memo to self):

If you feel you have a book in you and you still haven’t written it, or you have started and abandoned the project (perhaps more than once), it could be because the drive to write it isn’t aligned with your soul’s calling but with your ego’s need for status and recognition.

That’s not to say you don’t have a book in you… but it’s probably not the one you currently have in mind if you can’t stick with it. Or it could be that you’re not passionate enough about getting published.

If I’m perfectly honest with myself, I’ll never be as passionate about writing a book as I am about blogging. I love blogging. I feel bereft if I go more than three days without a post. I love it for multiple reasons: the immediacy, the therapeutic value, the feedback from my readers, the ability to keep my finger on the pulse, the ability to change topics – a lot (#geminirising), the research…

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I have this nagging voice that tells me I should get published. (Other people like to remind me of how important it is too.) I don’t like the sound of that voice – it’s not the voice of passion. I will start writing when it sounds like the voice that makes me wake up and get out of bed with a spring in my step because I have another idea for a blog post.

It’s true – you really can’t fake passion.

The Tarot Knights are all on a quest. The Knight of Wands is on a quest for adventure, the Knight of Swords is on a quest for truth, the Knight of Pentacles is on a quest for material stability and the Knight of Cups is on a quest for passion…

What are you truly passionate about right now? Leave a comment!


Lisa Frideborg (click link to book a reading or healing session)

Today’s musings are inspired by the beautiful Knight of Cups from the Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot.




  1. Glory Dey · August 7

    Hi Lisa Greetings, firstly wishing all a very auspicious Full Moon Eclipse, May Mother Goddess awaken the Divine Shakti within us. Also today is a special day here in my Country India, we celebrate the Hindu cultural festival of Rakshabamdhan, which the tradition of honoring the sacred family sibling bond between brothers & sisters. In our culture brother is assigned the responsibility of protecting & caring for his sister. Even if we don’t have blood siblings, relatives or friends can become adopted siblings. With Full Moon event this is very auspicious. Infact starting from August right upto Christmas we have major religious festivals, weddings, functions happening all over the Country so this period is full of positive vibrations. Here’s wishing you all lot of festive cheer, God bless you all! I love your postings very much right now I was just checking to see your toady’s musing. Here you are..I resonate with your views on relationships, the passion romance has to from within, I know instinctively when I feel deep connection with someone, the energy vibrates at every level. For me love is physical, intellectual & spiritual – I need to communicate with my partner on all levels otherwise I feel incomplete. Passion for me is the Soul Love expressed beautifully in physical intimacy! Your passion for blogging is right I too like blogging sharing my ideas, creativity, various topics with others. I am passionate about reading, writing, arts, poetry, music, science, occult & metaphysics, adventure etc..I feel the most important passion we must have is for Life & Humanity, love for our Soul Self. Once we are passionate from within then this energy of love expresses in all other aspects of Life. I find many people who don’t have any passion for anything in empty mechanical existence. Its sad. Whenever you decide to publish your book I will await to read it. As you say that feeling must come from within we can’t force ourselves to do something because others are saying & doing it..or for the money gains..these days it has become a trend! However there are lot of genuine good writers out there in all fields & I respect them. Beautiful post, Blessings of Sacred Mother & Full Moon Love to You! Cheers!

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  2. Lisa Frideborg Eddy · August 7

    Thank you so much for your kind words and blessings, Glory Dey! I’d never heard of Rakshabamdhan, so thanks for enlightening me. I believe that any feast day that lands on a Full Moon will be doubly blessed… and with the Eclipse to boot… wow! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time and learn new things about your sibling bonds. It’s a nice thought that we can be passionately in love with our soul self – this kind of love is the opposite of ego love because at the soul level we are all united and honouring the soul self means honouring the same in others. I pray that we may all awaken to this unity today. Jai Shakti Ma! Blessings of love, peace and good health to you and yours, Lisa


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