Eclipse Elevation

21 Aug Queen of Cups Frideborg Tarot Arthur Schopenhauer quote

Many women I know online and in real life are answering the call of this eclipse… They are doing exactly what Schopenhauer mentions in this quote, withdrawing/elevating themselves above the mass. They are answering their soul’s call for change, growth and transmutation. They are going with the flow of the celestial tide, opening their hearts to receive. 

There are men who are doing this too but I see women taking the lead.

This is why I came here as a woman this time around. To maximise my potential for soul growth… to more easily shed linear timelines and the need to be right.

So much of my early childhood programming came from my father because my mother left when I was only three. The need to be right has been overpowering in my life. It was my platform of stability for so long, just as it was my father’s.

Later, once I got to know my mother, I watched her struggle on those same linear, patriarchal terms in her own search for spiritual truth… Alas, it is not possible to possess the truth. And so she had to admit defeat after defeat every time she looked outside herself.

Sadly, rather than learning from her struggle, for the first half of my life, I repeated her pattern. In my pride I was convinced that where she failed to nail down the truth, I would succeed.

To know truth is not possible – it is only possible to BE truth and we can only be truth when we surrender completely to light, returning to our zero point again and again… surrendering ever more deeply with each breath.

My mother was forced to surrender in the end… Dementia took her ability to reason. Perhaps this was the greatest blessing of this incarnation for her. Or perhaps she surrendered to love just before she lost her ability to reason. I don’t know. I only know that I love her and that everything is going to be OK in the end.

If it’s not OK, it’s not the end. Love has won.

Today, on the day of the 21 August Solar Eclipse, I am grateful for the ability to surrender to love. When I AM love, I am also truth because there is no other truth than love.

Pulling the Queen of Cups as our card of the day on the day of the solar eclipse tells me that many of us will have a complete emotional reset, as well as experience an increase in psychic ability. This is true for both men and women but more women are currently answering this calling.

The Queen of Cups is Water of Water (feminine/yin). Water corresponds to emotions and intuition. This eclipse also happens on a Monday, ruled by the Moon/Archangel Gabriel. Some of us will experience life-changing revelations with regards to our life purpose, in addition to the emotional/psychic reset.

What’s going on for you today? Please share in the comments!

Eclipse Blessings

Lisa )O(





  1. Glory Dey · August 21

    Hi Lisa, Greetings & Eclipse Blessings! Very touching message & God’s Grace be with your family. I got emotional as my mother too suffered from brain stroke & paralysis for many years before her death. She herself was a medical specialist for long time it was difficult to understand these happenings! My father too faced similar illness inspite of he too being a doctor. I feel it was all part of their soul experiences. I have found peace & love in Divine Grace within my heart now I can look at these experiences from spiritual wisdom. Today personally my preparations for eclipse are deep meditations, chanting, special vedic rites, purification rituals of the self and of my home and surroundings so that we clean up all negative energies & imbibe positive energies into the community and the world. Recently few days back we celebrated the festival of Lord Krishna’s ( Vishnu’s Incarnation ) birthday who gave the Spiritual Philosophy of The Bhagavat Gita. On Eclipse Days the Vedic Rituals pertaining to the Deities are special & have tremendous power invocations! This period is significant for major world changes. My prayers that coming days bring transformation of love, peace & good governance in all Countries. There is so much chaos, hatred, dirty politics it’s time we must rise and destroy these evil forces with love & compassion radiating pure light energy into the World! That’s my prayer to the Divine Universe! You too take care and have a blessed Day!

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  2. Lisa Frideborg Eddy · August 21

    Thank you for sharing, Glory Dey and thank you also for your kind blessings. I agree – this is a very important time and hopefully a turning point in terms of global awakening. I have been preparing for this day for 30 days and will continue with my protocol for another 10 days after the event. )O( Blessed be!


  3. Joanne · August 21

    Happy solar eclipse reset! Feeling the concentration of human consciousness focus on this eclipse here in the USA. Should be quite the inner power trip going forward.


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