Focus on What You Love


I love the 8 of Pentacles in the Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz. It shows a beautiful faery princess who has gone outside with her lyre to practice late at night. Her arms are muscular from all the practice and she has a look of intense focus on her face. To her, the surrounding darkness is only a bonus because it makes it easier for her to focus on the beautiful sounds coming from her lyre.

After all the attention my Doreen Virtue blog post got yesterday, I felt a need to seclude myself with the Fae this morning, and to connect with Goddess and Earth energy for the purpose of regaining my focus. I’ve never had a blog post go viral to the point of crashing my site before but it happened yesterday and sadly not because of my own work… not because of a focus on love, divination and healing… but because people are upset about recent events and losing another spiritual teacher.

That is how news and social media work though and I wasn’t all that surprised.

This card is a wonderful reminder for me to stay heart-centred (the 8’s all relate to the heart-centred Leo energies of the Strength card), and to bring the focus back to what I wish to achieve with my own work. One thing is certain, the recent turn of events has served to deepen my commitment to working with the Tarot and to share this fantastic tool for personal and spiritual development as far and wide as possible!

The astrological correspondence for the 8 of Pentacles is Sun in Virgo and tomorrow we have a fresh new astrological Month of Virgo ahead of us… bring on the Virgo energies which lend themselves so very well to buckling down and getting the work done!

I love this time of year and the ‘back to school’ vibe. Even as a child, I used to get restless and eager to get back to school toward the end of the summer holidays. Oh… and stationery! Must get myself some new pens and notebooks… 🙂

I hope at least some of the people who found my Angelorum blog thanks to the Doreen post will stay and enjoy what I have to say… but my focus shall remain firmly on the work I’m inspired to pursue. I have faith that even though it may not attract a massive audience, it will attract all the right people.





  1. Glory Dey · August 22

    Hi Lisa greetings, so much drama on Eclipse day. I love your post on Doreen Virtue wanted to share my views but your Angelorum site crashed I am unable to post. Still trying, hopefully can share my insights later on the site. I am glad that you have taken a courageous stand on your chosen path. In fact she is now sort of labeling those who voice their opinions contrary to her as ‘lower energies’. Anyway she needs to set her house in order first. God bless her. The part about stationary is funny as today in my dreams I saw a big holder with all pens, pencils etc on a table hahaha! I am wondering why I see this as I have enough stock & am already active in my creative hobbies. Now I know it’s for you. On a serious note I love your work & sites. Just because some like Doreen are leaving the field others’ importance does not get diminished. It is good that superficial energies are clearing away for more positive true souls to enter and carry the light torch ahead. We must focus on quality instead of quantity. Spirituality is not to be a hollywood business which some healers make it like a brand company. That’s why many of these souls fall from grace. Let’s stay true to our God will take care. You are a genuine soul free from pretenses, many in this field are not like you..we need more such lightworkers in the world! Love & Truth triumph in the end! Stay blessed, cheers!

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  2. Lisa Frideborg Eddy · August 22

    Thanks Glory Dey, truly heart-warming words. Stationery is so much fun… I’m jealous of your dream haha! 🙂 Blessings


  3. Glory Dey · August 23

    Hi Dear Greetings, Good Day, talking of dreams you will be surprised as the kind of visions & dreams God keeps giving me some amazing cosmic experiences of celestial spirits, angels, gods & goddesses, galaxies, places, events totally out of ordinary. These definitely connected to our past times. Sometimes they give me premonitions of tragedies, politics etc.. taking place in future. Regarding Doreen I am not surprised though I knew that she was sailing in two boats & was not really true to her spiritual goddess calling. Before the eclipse I had visions about veils being lifted with women figuring prominently. I guess it is indication of such events happening in future, hidden facts revealed. I did like some of her Angel Therapy sessions on her channels though I am not much of her fan. I do appreciate you and many other healers who have deep insights into Tarot, Angel Therapy, Astrology, combines with the Ancient Esoteric principles. Because they give complete path of self understanding and development. Sadly I found Doreen & some others lacking in real wisdom, kind of they are into the toppings rather than deep knowledge. This does not appeal to ny passion for mystical & esoteric studies. Keep up the good work & God bless you! Have a great day!

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  4. Lisa Frideborg Eddy · August 23

    It is true that she only scratched surface of the topics she taught. There was a restlessness in how she jumped from one thing to another… that kind of lack of commitment is kind of revealing in and of itself. The sad part is that she sold herself as a kind of mother figure which is what many of us got suckered into. I watched one young man cry in a YouTube video, sharing how heart-broken he was about having lost his ‘spiritual mother.’ I know so well what he meant as I had expressed a similar sentiment to my husband. This side of things was appealing to me since I was abandoned by my own mother at age three. But it’s all good in the end, for my soul’s growth and learning… and being more discerning in the future. My gut told me that many of her teachings weren’t genuine but I wanted the comfort she offered so I ignored my gut… Sigh… It’s time to move on and focus on my own work! Hope you have a great day too and many blessings!


  5. Glory Dey · August 23

    Hi dear I can feel your emotions, one wisdom I learnt from my parents is that never put any person on a pedestal that is the time they fall from grace. From childhood I always depended on God first for all guidance for we are all humans & make mistakes including my parents. So I guess I never felt real need for human guidance. Practically my family was there in some cases. However often because my outlook & views about life & religion have been unconventional I always had to stand up for myself without my family’s support. This made me depend directly on God my connection has been very intimate as if I relate to Him-Her as a human. Many people do inspire me but I never idolize them. Actually from compassion point of view I feel she was too attached to the conventional Church identity so she really could not & did not go deep into the esoteric field for fear of isolation by Church. So she was practicing a diluted version trying to blend both and appeal to the mainstream public who were her client base at the same time be respectable Church member. Unfortunately we cannot manipulate spiritual disciplines to serve our ego needs then they destroy us. Also think about it..there are strong Church & family politics at play..who knows they may have issued some ultimatum..some sort of excommunication etc..Religious Organizations can be she may be bending to family pressures. We have back politics of other entities who are trying to break up the New Age Spiritual Movement by targeting the popular figures so that the masses that follow them will come back to these organized religions. I strongly the issue is complex here and these things may have been going on for some time. In one article she said that she was recently baptized in February in Christianity. So you all would have known about it…did she keep this secret and is she telling it now? Looks like there is more to come. This is part of dirty politics of Church, Vatican, Right Wing Politics & Illuminati agenda of world control & destroying all Ancient Wisdom. They have been doing it for centuries. I pray that now we become strong to destroy these evil forces and establish the Sacred Law on Earth. Take care..Love & Blessings! Ciao..

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  6. Lisa Frideborg Eddy · August 23

    I agree, it’s complex. She did talk about her baptism in February and initially I was positive… I just couldn’t imagine how much she would shut down… or that she would denounce her entire life’s work. I was like, ‘Yay, good for her!’ – especially since I truly love Jesus Christ with all my heart… and yes, sadly, I too believe there is more to come. It’s good to hear that you have relied on Source all of your life. Love and Blessings, Lisa


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