Letting Go of What I Am…

2 of Cups Lao Tzu Quote Frideborg Tarot

This 2 of Cups feels very much like the new energy coming in after the big eclipse clear-out, where I let go of my Doreen Virtue certificates and deleted any mention of them from my FB page and website. I stand in my own truth now and doing so is bringing in so much love and support from all the right people. I’ve even made a few new friends in the process!

I don’t even know for sure now why I ever felt I needed to affiliate myself with Doreen Virtue but I suspect it is sort of the same kind of energy that has now pulled her into the arms of the Church – an insidious need to feel safe and to look for that safety outside oneself.

Now that I have cleared that need, I am much better able to relate to people from a place of truth and non-judgement. It’s all good and I’m very grateful for the eclipse energies that facilitated this shift for me.

It is slightly bizarre to be moving away from a polarised view of the world and watch others whizz past in the opposite direction… but I trust it will all come out good in the end. Love has already won.

Sat Nam



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