Patriarchy Fights Back Through Doreen Virtue

4 The Emperor Gloria Steinem Quote Frideborg Tarot

Ever since I answered my soul’s calling this spring to work with embodying the Divine Feminine and embrace my Magdalene mission, I have been acutely aware that Patriarchy is in its death throes.

For today’s draw, I was willing a card to come out that allowed me to talk some more about this in the light of recent events. The fact that The Emperor, prime patriarch, came out is something I see as divine sanction for calling out BS Steinem style.

When I woke up this morning, it was with thoughts of Jesus addressing the Pharisees, ancient agents of patriarchy, and I felt guided to post the following on my FB page:

Jesus was kind and compassionate toward everyone except the head waggers and finger pointers aka the ‘holier than thou’ crowd, known as the Pharisees back in the day. These people were super religious and used their religion to elevate their status in society. Some of them were in it for the power and some for the money… others still for both. Jesus didn’t have a kind word for any of them. He called them all ‘whitewashed tombs.’

Today, many of these people refer to themselves as Christians. Sadly they missed the point of Christ’s teachings. They try to force their beliefs on others, claiming that if you don’t believe exactly as they do, you are bound for hell. They also want you to acknowledge their superior status and hand them your money. What do you think Jesus will tell these people when – as they believe – he does come back?

Doreen Virtue has joined the Pharisee-crowd in the name of Jesus Christ. She still wants her elevated status as a spiritual teacher and she definitely wants you to keep handing her your money. She also believes that if you don’t believe exactly as she does you are going to hell.

Let this sink in.

This post is for those of my friends who are having a finger pointed at them for being upset by the behaviour of Doreen and her holier than thou sycophantic following.

Please rest at peace knowing that Jesus himself judges this kind of behaviour.

As a dear friend of mine pointed out, he also called the Pharisees a ‘brood of vipers.’ Suck on that all of you who say that we have no right to speak out (or judge) against abuse of power and money!

The scariest thing about Doreen Virtue now setting herself up as a spiritual teacher within a religion that sees her as an infant in the faith is that her teachings will cause much cognitive dissonance among her followers since she is, in fact, talking out of her backside.

She claims to be all love and light – a completely non-judgemental Christian – yet, I (and everyone who watched the April video she took down) know for a fact that she believes that anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as she does and becomes a born again, Bible-believing Christian is going to hell.

She is barely familiar with the foundation of the Christian teachings she has now embraced, yet she sets herself up as a teacher of Biblical Angelology – an advanced theological subject. In the Angelology course videos, it becomes evident how confused she herself is and how she is struggling to make the transition from a unitarian faith to a faith that is dogmatic and exclusive. This is apparent especially when she covers the Bible passages that speak of the Angels as agents of God’s wrath and judgement.

As for Steinem’s quote, I just can’t begin to say how much I adore her keen perception of the staging of religion. It. is. spot. on!

The Hierophant might have been a visually better fit than the Emperor if we are going to talk about religious leaders but I believe that Patriarchal religion belongs under arcanum number 4 which is all about power and the sort of linear thinking that leads to dogma, Phariseeism and ‘churchianity.’ Arcanum number 5 The Hierophant does have ‘tradition’ as one of its meanings but traditions, though long-lived, do change when society evolves. 5 is a number of growth/adaptation and 4 is the number of stability/stagnation.

The Emperor isn’t all bad of course. We need the masculine as much as the feminine, just as we need the left and right hemispheres of the brain to work in harmony. When the Emperor energies are in harmony with the Empress energies, we have a caring and structurally sound society. The problem always seems to creep in through the same two doorways: greed and a desire for power over others…



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  1. Helen · August 28

    Definitely. Among other things the Emporer, to me, can represent restriction through organisation, whereas the Hierophant, although convential, can provide support. Bring on the Divine Feminine energies, thats what I say! X


  2. SeaDream · August 29

    Loved your post! Totally agree with you! I haven’t seen D Virtue’s first video, it’s nowhere to be found, but even the second video was to me very dogmatic and full of condemnations of others (and according to everyone it is a much more toned down version than the first!). What I found particularly creepy and jarring was the fact she seemed delighted with her new Jesus who wasn’t a teddy bear but instead condemned people to hell for not following him exclusively. She was grinning and beaming every time she mentioned it! Has she gone crazy? Not to mention all that nonsense about not cherry picking the Bible, she is cherry picking too, it’s inevitable because the Bible contradicts itself on nearly every page.


  3. sonialouise1968 · September 7

    My confusion is where do we older students stand with her teachings we have had through her courses, of which we have been certified to pass on our learning and teach others.. some of which she has now denounced…
    I was born and raised a christian, but always knew there was more, then i studied the older original religion and ways of mother earth, that was here long before Christianity came. But as God the creator sent Aslam as the first creature to earth to spread the celestial light first.. both the christian and mother earth/pagan religion can and do work side by side as they are interlinked.. so
    1. Why denounce anything at all.
    2. Why make a mockery of what you have Been teaching for years.. it makes you out to be a liar.
    Everyone has a right to follow a path what is right for them.. but my natural, spiritual, holistic and christian paths all interlink with each other, there is no need to denounce one to study another.


    • Lisa Frideborg Eddy · September 7

      Valid concerns and I couldn’t agree more! For me, as a Mystic, it is clear that it is all linked. Spirituality unites – religion divides ❤

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  4. kenstories1 · 28 Days Ago

    When quoting the Bible, it is important to understand its sources. If you read Pagels’ “The Origin of Satan”, and the chapter “Matthew’s War Against the Pharisees”, we come to understand the context of how Mathew portrays Jesus. Be careful. Judaism was attempting to recover from the great war with the Romans and the destruction of the Temple and was leaning on the Pharisee aspect in a delicate time. It was then that the parent religion was not in acceptance of the Jews (Aka Matthew, etc) who were devoted to Jesus. There was no energy to integrate this sect. Jesus may have had issues with the Pharisees, but the wrath in scripture is Matthew’s, not Jesus’. Dig a little deeper before accepting the Bible as historically accurate.


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