Who Are You At The Beginning?


”Adventure is worthwhile.”
~ Aristotle

For September, I thought we’d try something a bit different for the daily tarotized quote. I’m going to be combining it with the Hero’s Journey Instagram challenge by Alison Spokes. Her challenge is based on Joseph Campbell’s theory of the Hero’s Journey and that is something I have been wanting to dive deeper into for quite some time, so I kind of had to sign up for this challenge.

I have chosen to work with the beautiful Tarot Decoratif by Ciro Marchetti for the entire month. For the first ten days of the challenge that is broken up in three parts, we look at ‘the call to adventure.’ For day 1, ‘Who Are You at the Beginning?,’ I feel that the Tarot is pulling me all the way back to the other side of the veil with The Fool.

The jester in this card is a free spirit, deciding to have another adventure on the physical plane. The dog in that picture looks a bit like my one-eyed Jack Russel puppy, named Gilly after Gillyflower in the GoT.

As an aside: I think pets are sometimes included in our soul contracts.

You can tell by the look on the jester’s face that he is an old soul. He knows it is going to be tough and that he’s not in this for the thrill of the ride… but the call of adventure is there all the same.

There is a look of determination on his face and he seems unfazed by his dog tearing his pants to shreds. His stance is that of a dancer – a sort of half skip that would normally be accompanied by a smiling face… Oh yes, he remembers well the many difficult lives he has experienced already. He is warming up his muscles for another battle in spite of his colourful jester’s outfit.

The reason he is dressed as a jester is to remind himself to not take himself or 3D too seriously. In the end, the only thing that matters is how much love he managed to squeeze into the experience. And loving comes much easier when you take yourself lightly.

He has a staff to support him and on that staff is the talking head of one of his spirit guides. He is never alone… and while it is likely he will not be rich in this incarnation, he will always have everything he needs in the bundle he carries with him.

The road before him twists and turns and he keeps twisting and turning with it. Today, he is quite happy to just be following that road away from home, without needing to know what next awaits him…



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