What dissatisfied you about your current circumstance? #herosjourneychallenge

day 2 hero's journey challenge

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
~ Lewis Carroll

For day 2 of the Hero’s Journey IG Tarot Challenge by @faerali, we ask ourselves what caused enough of a sense of dissatisfaction to make us depart from the status quo.

Again, a Major Arcana card is coming out for me, emphasising that working my way through this challenge will be beneficial for my soul’s growth… and again I’m blown away by how accurate the Tarot is.

In terms of my life’s mission, the forward/future pull is created by my Moon, Mars and North Node in Pisces… and here we have the Pisces Major Arcanum, The Moon!

I am constantly called to challenge what most people simply accept as ‘reality’ and to look at more creative ways of solving some of the most common problems that people struggle with. This is what excites me about my Tarot client work and it is also what makes me break up with stale patterns that no longer work in my own life.

I never felt that I had to buy into reality thanks to the out-of-body experience I had as a child, and also thanks to spending three years in Montessori schools (two different ones since we moved). Montessori teachers encourage their students to follow their intuitive nudges and explore things more in-depth simply because those are the things that light them up.

Maria Montessori must have realised (way ahead of her time) that when children do this, they begin to light up the whole world.

In the Tarot Decoratif Moon card, we have the Madonna and Child motif, which is as lovely as it is unusual. My dissatisfaction right now is very much with the status quo imposed by Patriarchy and ever since April, I have realised that part of my mission is to embody the Divine Feminine.

Imagination belongs in Her realm, just as rational thought belongs in the realm of the Divine Masculine. We need both… but because the balance is so unjustly weighted in favour of rational thought, we have a mighty battle on our hands… and we have already seen examples of how dirty the fight gets when Patriarchy kicks back.

As a Pisces Moon sign who is starting to mature, I realise, of course that there is no other enemy than the enemy within. We are speaking of patterns, archetypes and spiritual warfare here, which has nothing to do with hating an ‘enemy.’ Piscean energy is very much about accepting that we are all drops of the same big ocean and belong to each other, no matter how poorly matched our ideologies are.

The reason Pisces views things this way is because it has, as the last sign of the Zodiac, the ability to transcend duality once it has learned some important life lessons.

My imagination has been stifled for far too long and now I’m ready to set it free… completely free. It can roam as far and wide as it likes because I know that I will always keep returning to the zero point of the Fool, now that I have located it on this side of the veil.

Nobody gets to tell me how to think or what to feel any more. The problem with Piscean energy is that it can lack boundaries. Having boundaries is actually necessary in order to transcend duality, otherwise we simply keep perpetuating co-dependency in various forms.

A tangible expression of my longing for more freedom to imagine is that I have started reading fiction once more. I am also doing this challenge as if I were a fictional character… which I am – we all are. The good news about this is, of course, that we have complete freedom to reinvent ourselves if we get bored with the status quo and the same old lessons reappearing in our lives.




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  1. staceyuk · September 2

    I love this post Lisa, especially bits about imagination.


  2. faerali · September 3

    What a lovely interpretation of the Moon! I’m really enjoying these blog posts. Looking forward to the next 28! 😉


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