Who will advise or mentor you on your journey #herosjourneychallenge

day 6 heros journey challenge

“You’ve done rough in the past. It’s time for some smooth… something you clearly need help with.”
~ My Dragon Guide

I often feel like I’ve been left to fend for myself. I already knew the answer to the question for day 6 of the Hero’s Journey Challenge: my guide or mentor is in Spirit. Of course that does not mean I have been left to fend for myself – It only means that it is easier for me to feel that way.

When I turned the 2 of Swords from the Tarot Decoratif over, I drew a sigh of relief because the Tarot was showing me what I already knew to be true: I cannot see my guide but I can sense his influence in the choices I make and the beliefs I have about reality.

This draw made me curious enough to pull a second card to see if I could learn more about my invisible mentor. Seeing the dragon at the top of the Ace of Wands made my heart expand with joy. This I also have an inner knowing of: I’m deeply connected with the Dragonfae.

And just in case I needed more confirmation… The 2 of Swords also showed up in a reading I did about my Dragon guide a few years ago… It was in the position of how my Dragon guide can help me! Check the spread/reading HERE!

The most vivid memory I have of direct guidance from my Dragon Twin Flame was when they showed me how to draw the energy of flowers straight into my body, circumventing the need to create a flower essence. Later I learned from other energy workers that this was a thing but what a blessing it was to learn it straight from my mentor in Spirit!

I couldn’t find references to link to about Dragon spirit guides acting as mentors on the Hero’s Journey but I do recall that Merlin had one too… Merlin once appeared to me in the shape of Metatron to reveal that he and Merlin are one and the same…

I digress.

For the most part, because I’ve spent most of this incarnation out of alignment with my Higher Self and ignored my team of helpers in Spirit, I have had to learn the hard way. My mistakes have been my greatest mentors.

I pray that it will no longer will be so. I pray that I will learn to trust in my Dragon mentor and move forward with greater courage on my journey thanks to that trust. It is indeed time for some ‘smooth’…




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