What tools/weapons/resources will aid you? #herosjourneychallenge

Day 9 hero's journey challenge

“Plants are more courageous than almost all human beings: an orange tree would rather die than produce lemons, whereas instead of dying the average person would rather be someone they are not.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

I was looking for quotes about having ‘cojones’ when I came across the quote about plants above. It’s not the ideal quote but it sort of does the job of illustrating what I thought when I turned over the 2 of Wands (Tarot Decoratif).

The 2 of Wands corresponds with Mars in Aries – pure testosterone!

My ‘weapon’ my big hairy crone balls that make me not give a flying fuck about my own reputation. I will take up arms against the injustices of Patriarchy wherever I spot them and my main tool is righteous indignation. If I stand firm in my own truth, I don’t need no other weapons or defences.

Looking at the symbolism of this card, I think of the path dividing into two paths: one that is false/unjust and one that is true/just. As often as I can, I will choose the true or just path no matter what the cost.

The glowing spheres of amber at top of the two wands are the two ‘cojones’ of my solar plexus chakra. I had to fight to survive my childhood and now that I am in the second half of my life, I can put this warrior energy into helping address the scales of justice.

Mess with me? OK, I probably won’t retaliate other than with the obligatory INFJ door slam. Mess with my friends or family or children or animals? You are going to wish you hadn’t!





  1. mickeypamo · September 10

    ARGHHHHH! I’m with ya, Lisa: my big hairy crone balls! I knew I was a crone. Gotta get me some big hairy balls

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lisa Frideborg Eddy · September 10

    hahahaha brilliant! thanks Mickey 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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