Identify the animus/anima power within you that gives you strength

Day 14 Hero's Journey Challenge

Ida is a nerve channel on the left side of the sushumna in which the vital air passes through. Also the left nostril. The ida corresponds to the tamasic quality of nature. (“Cool, white, lunar, Moon-flow”.) Pingala – (lit.‘yellow’, “sunlike”, also solar, red.) A nerve channel on the right side of the sushumna in which the vital air passes through. Also the right nostril. It corresponds to the rajasic quality of nature.
~ Yogananda

Day 14 is going to be my final day of doing the Hero’s Journey challenge on the blog and Instagram, though I will continue in private. The person who set this challenge up accused me of being on a ‘crusade’ against Doreen Virtue. There was no need to be rude since I had done nothing to offend her personally and it made me feel meh about taking part. Sigh. 

All I have done is uncover Doreen’s gaslighting of students and how she is speaking with a cleft tongue, so that people can use their discernment (possible only with facts in hand) instead of continuing to be deceived and conned by a woman with a strong PR team and the whole Hay House marketing machine behind her. Most people have thanked me for it, especially the ones who finally felt brave enough to ask for refunds armed with the facts.

I feel what is happening now with all this ties in nicely with the 14th prompt for the Hero’s journey challenge: Identify the animus/anima power within you that gives you strength on your journey

You have to love synchronicity!

Pulling the 6 of Wands from the Tarot Decoratif reminded me of the tiny dragon on top of Ace of Wands from day 6 and I knew that my animus/anima power is related to my affinity with dragons. It made me get both my dragon-themed Tarot decks out so that I could get a better visual. On the left is the Dragon Tarot and on the left we have the Tarot Draconis.

Dragons aren’t on a crusade. They just stand in their power. It’s the dragon slayers who are on a crusade and who have an agenda to control the forces of nature as well as the hearts and souls of the people. My animus/anima power is the dragon wrapping itself around my own dragon heart – the gold to my purple… the sunrise to my sunset and, indubitably, the fire under my feet.

This fiery power has begun to awaken, since heeding my soul’s calling to begin the process of fully embodying the Divine Feminine. One thing lead to another after that and I find myself practising Kundalini yoga daily since this summer. The twin dragons are dancing inside my heart.

My mantra is Sat Nam. I stand in my truth. I stand for the truth. I expose lies to make space for truth. I invoke truth and I fan the flames of truth. When people in positions of power seek to take advantage of people who have less, I will step up to the plate and begin the breath of fire until I am brave enough to take on the dragon slayers and false prophets.

Nope, dragons sure as hell aren’t on a crusade. They don’t care where the lies are – they will always direct their fiery breath in the direction of deception and they draw on the power of the male and female energy merging in their hearts with each breath.

Peace out.


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