The Person of Moderation

16 October Temperance from Tarot of Angels

The person who makes everything that leads to happiness depend upon him- or herself, and not upon other people, has adopted the very best plan for living happily. This is the person of moderation, the one of high character and of wisdom.

~ Plato

This quote is by far my favourite quote about moderation because it shows how the ability to be moderate is tied in with wisdom and maturity. Children are by nature immoderate. It is by overdoing things that we learn how learn what is enough.

A refusal to learn what is enough shows us the mind of someone with stunted emotional and intellectual growth. This is the mind of someone who constantly looks to be satisfied by this, that or the other and who mistakes quantity with quality. They have not yet located the centre of stillness and peace within – What I like to call ‘the Zero point’ which is our divine connection with God/Source.

That said, ‘In all things moderation, even in moderation’ is my second favourite quote or saying because often we have to go overboard to meet our edge and keep growing. This is especially true in creative pursuits. To be so moderate that we never have the courage to smash our limitations also stunts growth…

Sagittarius is the corresponding zodiac sign for the Temperance Tarot card. Saggie energy is one of adventure and expansion. It can often do with reining in but without this energy… Well, what’s the point? Life is meant to be an adventure and we have every right to enjoy our ‘mistakes’ as much as the process of getting it right with the ‘just enough.’

But there is something to said about learning the rules before we break them for artistic purposes… Life is ART… and we are reminded of this in the Thoth Tarot where this card is titled ‘Art’ rather than Temperance….

I’m curious to know if the liquid spilled in this card is meant to be blood or wine. I would love to know the back story of the inspiration for this card. The LWB that comes with the deck doesn’t give much away unfortunately.

As seen in many Temperance cards, the angel here is pouring liquid from a silver vessel into a golden one. This is symbolic of blending yin and yang energies to avoid excess.

What area of your life needs more moderation today? Where do you need to push the boundaries of moderation?

Card of the Day – Temperance

Zodiac – Sagittarius
Archangel – Sachiel
Crystal – Amethyst

Deck used: Tarot of the Angels

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