12 December CBD Tarot

Audacity augments courage; hesitation, fear.
~ Publilius Syrus


Sometimes, you see a card combination and one word pops into your mind so firmly that you know beyond doubt that you will remember it forever. This was very much the case for me when looking at the CBD Tarot Ace of Wands and 2 of Swords.

The impetus to act is very strong with the Ace of Wands. This is energy that fires us up, makes us feel inspired and almost invincible… However, the longer we wait to act, the more room we leave for hesitation to build.

Some find themselves hesitating indefinitely. The feeling in the 2 of Swords is one of being a limbo, a stalemate of inspiration and will against doubt and fear.

That is not to say, it is unwise to hesitate. Sometimes hesitation saves lives. You were going to jump off that cliff but hesitate because you realise that the you don’t know if the water is deep enough…

Which end of the spectrum are you own? Do you tend to rush ahead and act on your impulse? If so, it is likely that your birth chart is full of that same Fire that sets the Ace of Wand alight?

Do you tend to doubt yourself, second-guess your inner guidance and want all the facts before you go ahead and take the plunge? Then you are most likely and Air sign type personality.

The Ace of Wands corresponds to the pure Element of Fire and the 2 of Swords to Moon in Libra. The latter seeks balance between mind and heart before it is able to proceed.

What are you currently putting off due to doubt and hesitation? How strong is the urge to go ahead? How strong is the doubt or fear? You get to decide if your fear is going to defeat your desire. Nobody can take that power of choice away from you… except you.




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