When the Tarot Makes a Joke

The World Tarot Card

Every explicit duality is an implicit unity.
~ Alan Watts

The World card in the Tarot represents the Anima Mundi (world soul) as well as the Whole/True self. In a more mundane sense, The World is the final and most valuable trump card in the game of Tarocchi, so whoever pulls this card is pretty much guaranteed a win. Hence it is traditionally considered a card of triumph.

When I pulled this card in the ‘body’ position for my daily body-mind-spirit draw earlier today, I wasn’t sure how it applied. I was (still am) feeling pretty average. It didn’t help that the other two cards in the draw were also Majors. All in all, the daily reading seemed pretty over the top.

‘Way to be extra!,’ I thought to myself since this is the fourth all Majors daily draw so far this month. I drew a blank and couldn’t make sense of any of it at first but then I sat down to share my thoughts with my fellow Tarot Geeks and got the following simply from the process of jotting my thoughts down:

“All Majors again for my daily #bodymindspirit draw. I’m not sure about any of these TBH. It feels like overkill for all the cards to be Majors but I think that is because I’m in ‘external mode’ as I’m typing this.

The Hermit is a clue that it is all happening within and that I will need some time in meditation/contemplation to figure it out. As far as I’m aware, it’s just an ordinary Wednesday… but is any day just an ordinary day? Will it seem that way when Wednesday 21 February 2018 flashes up as the memory centre of my brain is sparked after I have drawn my last breath? Will I have learned what I came here to learn or will I have missed an opportunity to go deeper, grow and evolve?

You’d think with The World in the position of the body, that this would come easily to me today – especially combined with The Chariot in the spirit position… These two cards speak of victory and success… but I think The World is showing more of its Saturnine aspect (Saturn is the planetary correspondence) today. I want to shine that Hermit’s lantern but I don’t feel I know how. I’m inspired on most days but today I don’t even know what to blog about…

The quint for these three is 37/1 The Magician. I’m not quite getting that energy of the Magician yet… though I can almost taste it. I yearn for it and reach for it… but the faster I make those horses in the Chariot card move, the faster this new energy, this chance to start afresh, moves ahead of me.

What will happen if I stop trying to control it? I have to accept that one chapter is closing and a new chapter is about to begin, as per The World… but it’s a chapter that hasn’t been written yet. I can’t reach for something which demands that I pause and wait to receive it.

Again, The Hermit holds the key…”

Not long after writing the above, I did my daily Tarot Symbols study and got… you guessed it – The World!


This is my roundabout way of saying, thank you Tarot, I get the joke and it is totally on me! On this very average day, physically speaking, you handed me a physical card that shows me that any day – even an average Wednesday – is a good day to play with duality… to dance with it and embrace it. If I didn’t have a body I would have transcended it already.

Don’t resist what you can play and have fun with! I’m a huge fan of cosmic jokes so I’m smiling now…

If you get the most triumphal of trumps on an average day, it may be because the full spectrum of potential resides within and you need to be reminded of that.

For I am I: ergo, the truth of myself; my own sphinx, conflict, chaos, vortex—asymmetric to all rhythms, oblique to all paths. I am the prism between black and white: mine own unison in duality.
~ Austin Osman Spare



Dammit, I want a Tarot reading so bad!


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